• I Just Can't Wait to Be King2:33
  • Moonbeam Lullabye (My Songs)3:43
  • Hello Dreamland (My Songs)3:29
  • Beyond the Sea (Pocahontas demo)2:41
  • America Belongs to You & Me2:20
  • SF Bye-Bye: Sharon McNight4:37
  • Touch the Future (Corporate)4:18

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These are samples of various past projects.  For information about  any of the songs, contact Michael at michael_reno@icloud.com, or Collin Reno at the William Morris Endeavor agency, Beverly Hills office: creno@wmeentertainment.com / (310) 859-4526.

(All Songs [music, lyrics, and recording {with the exception of "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" © Copyright  1994 Wonderland Music}] are © ® Copyright  by Michael Reno [ASCAP] and may not be used for any purposes without express permission from the writer.)

Some of michael's past projects